Ruby Code   "Extending the ruby programming language for HIPPA health informatics"


Prototype file type association manager for medical records

panelZ is an ongoing development effort to orginize health information for medical professionals. It is being coded and Ruby and contributors are welcome to make suggestions and improvements. The overall concept is to index and catagorize the vast amount of medical information that has become available.

Although not every medical orginization has yet adopted electronic health records (EHRs) into thier practice, there are certainly benifits for orginizations that have successfuly adopted them into practice. While many mainstream practices do utilize some form of health information system, there are still several that do not. In order to broaden the reach of adoptation, technology is being concieved and developed that will aid outreach into niche markets.


panelZ uses ruby to allow developers to use a simpler yet more robust toolset for associating file types. Medical information comes in a variety of forms and the use of technology should ultimately allow information of any type to be integrated into a comprehensive library for access across institutions.

panelZ is still in the early stages of development as current practices are analyzed and further understanding of data integrity is being assesed. Secure access to medical records still remains a primary consideration in health clinics and institutions. Data and security are too often compromized causing data and methods to become invalid. Patients can easily loose trust in thier providers when records are incorrect or unavailable.